Dr. John G. Douglass home, Pinkerton, Ontario

Dr. John G. Douglass home, Pinkerton, Ontario

Dr. John G. Douglass Family home in Pinkerton, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

Does this scene seem familiar? You may have one of your family similar to it. Probably taken in the 1880s, this was a typical setting for a family picture, usually taken by itinerant photographers who traveled from place to place. I always find it interesting when the horse and buggy is included in the photo. As the photos were frequently sent to relatives living at a distance, I presume the horse was an important part of the family landscape in the same way that the family car was often included in informal family photos in later years. Since the photo is of the home of Dr. John G. Douglass, the horse and buggy would have been very much a part of the doctor’s life.
I tried to date this photo by the ages of the children but I could not make it work out right. The photo came with the materials sent to me by Doris Lowry after Ed died. On the back it says “Alberta Douglass – Home in Pinkerton, Ontario”, but there is no date. If anyone has a copy that is dated, I would appreciate knowing the date it was taken.

Children of Dr. John and Eliza Douglass:

Jean b. 1868
Gordon b. 1869
Alberta Louisa 1870-1870
Beatrice “Bessie” b. 1873
Mabel b. 1876
Alberta “Bert” b. 1877
Wilfred (twin) b. 1880
Frank (twin) b. 1880
Zella b. 1885

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