Ella Anne

Struck gold today!

Months of tedious
Digging, following
Leads, every snippet,
Then, exhausting those,
Rationalizing, playing
Hunches, –and now

I’ve found You!

Lost folklore cousin
Your fame has held
The family ear and
Been retold to each
New generation.
By rumor and repute
You live in luxury,
Walk in circles wealthy.

Unearthed today!

A tome of untold treasure
By your own father’s pen
Your family story told
Complete with pictures
Beautiful. I want to shout
Within these muted walls.
My stifled cries make
My heart to race and spread a
Cheshire grin across my face.

The reality is more than
My imagination, far
Richer than the story.
I welcome you, lost cousin
Part forever of our Tree
Our roots entwined
Bind you to me.

Ethel L. Ingalls March 1996

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