Now Where Was That?

Somehow around Christmas
I lose lots of things —
A plethora of pens I have in the house
But to write on a tag requires a great roust;
The scotch tape? Now I had it right here–
Where do I find it?
Under these cards of good cheer.
On the way to the kitchen
I catch my toe on a sack,
Stop to move it aside
And find (oops!) Santa’s pack.
The list of the gifts I have yet to buy–
Getting shorter for sure —
But won’t meet my eye!
I scrabble thru purse, piles
On floor and on bed
Like some frantic mouse;
Now I’ve a pain in my head.
So I’ve sat myself down
With a hot cup of tea
To compose these few lines
To E-mail you, just from me.
When all of the paper, the glitter and bows
And lists and boxes that jump at my toes
Are gone for the season, I’ll heave a great sigh
Of relief – for a time – and then as I sit
I’ll fondly remember the confusion
And the happy secrets that come with it.
So what! if around Christmas
I lose a few things?
Merry Christmas to All
Hear the Joyous Bells Ring!
enJoy! enJoy!

December 2006

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