Summer Seduction

Rain crept in quietly
A low rumble, a few spatters
He’s only teasing, I thought
He’ll pass on by.

But then I saw the lowered light
Felt the hush expectant, each
Breath of air inviting, entreating
Come, oh come, yes, yes…

Standing in the door I waited
Watching, hoping, dreaming
Suddenly on a great charging wind
He was here

Swirling, splashing, drenching,
The trees danced with joy
The whole back yard enthralled,
Clouds of mist blew on me

And I could stand it no longer
Tearing off my clothes
I dashed out to join them
My arms thrust high, embracing

Feeling his kisses on my face,
His soft caresses on my skin,
His breath cold upon my shoulders,
His throaty whispers in my ear,

I swayed with the tossing flowers
One in joy, with them, with life
O stay, I breathed, my Lover, stay
I want you here with me forever.


Ethel L. Ingalls
August 2008

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