Floyd and Ava Flansburg

Floyd Raymond Flansburg  1896 – 1972

    At the time of the 1910 census Floyd Flansburg, age 13, was living with his parents, Frank and Mary, on Central Street in Watertown, NY. His father worked as a shipping clerk at a flour mill.

    In January 1920 when the census was taken, Floyd was working as a plumber and Ava Patrick, who grew up on Pillar Point, was boarding in the city of Watertown and working as a factory inspector. They married just a few weeks later on January 26, 1920 and lived in the Watertown area.

    Joanna Lane Meyer sent me a copy of this letter to the editor from some old clippings of her mother’s. I was impressed with the spirit of this letter. I wish I had known Ava Patrick Flansburg who, bound to a wheelchair, spent her time writing notes to folks “who need cheering up.” Her warm and generous spirit shines through the letter like sunshine.

    Ava Patrick was a cousin to Clara Ash Moore, Doris Eveleigh and Edith Weeks, and to Chester McAfee and his sister, Helene.


A Letter to the Editor

by Ava Patrick Flansburg  1900 – 1981

Town and Country News, April 19, 1972, Page 3
Dear Bill Jeffers,

     I didn’t start off very well. I’m your neighbor two doors the other side of Davidson’s motel toward town. I’m handicapped – sit in my wheelchair typing with one finger all morning to all who are eager to hear from me – friends, relatives, neighbors, folks in hospitals who need cheering up.

     We enjoy the Town and Country news so much. It takes in surrounding towns so we keep in touch. It’s a wonderful little paper. I enjoy hearing of children coming home on vacations from college or just visits. My family lives in Pennsylvania, they come ’til bad weather – then wait ’til spring – a wonderful time of year we all look forward to. Our son, Jim lives on Gifford Rd. with his family – we are fortunate he lives near and can come to us if needed. We live next door to Claude Thomas – a good kind neighbor. We appreciate things they do for us so much.

     My mom left me a farm in Pillar Point and we went there summers for many years when our kids were both home, a great place, it was a 50 acre rich land farm, old roomy house, lots of cool air if it was hot outside. We were a little way from neighbors – back in from busy road so had it all to ourselves. My mom was alive then so was with us a few years. When I started being afflicted we had to stop going down. I miss going dreadfully, my folks moved there when I was five so it means home. But we must adjust when life gets complicated – so I try to take it pleasantly, though it’s difficult at times.

     I bought this electric typewriter last summer from Stocker – it’s easier on my arm, which I use so much. My grandaughter comes to use it evenings some for her theme paper at JCC. I love to hear her type, she studied typing – I didn’t.

     I enjoy the birds at our feeder by my window. We’ve had grosbeaks, nuthatches, chick-a-dees, blue jays, a woodpecker now and then, no cardinals yet. It’s nice to know we feed them. I read of the photographer seeing a hundred robins on Dry Hill, poor things, they got mixed up I think. I hope they live to appear this spring. I’m pushing spring – it’s not far away either.

     I mustn’t bore you with my chatter, just meant to tell how we like the little paper. Come see us some day.

Your neighbor,
Ava and Floyd Flansburg


  See the chart for the James branch under genealogy to find the Patrick-Flansburg family.
  (Ava’s lineage: Ava-7, Grace Patrick-6, Delia McAfee-5, J.Chester-4, James-3, John-2, Alexander Douglass-1)

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