Genealogical research is an on-going activity. From time to time I update the various tree branches for the Douglass family.

Since most persons who view my website are more interested in a specific branch, I have provided family tree outlines for each of the seven Douglass siblings for whom I have information. I have no information at this time about the other two siblings, John and Giles.

See Branches of the Douglass Family Tree for family trees of

  • Alexander Douglass and Christian Grant of Scotland
  • Alexander Douglass and Laura Stannard of Northern NY
  • James Douglass and Susannah Pettit of Northern NY
  • Lydia Douglass and John Sibbald of Ontario, Canada
  • Robert Douglass and Jane McGill of Ontario, Canada
  • Betsy Douglass and Abel Flewelling of Ontario, Canada
  • Mary Ann Douglass and Samuel Cramer of Ontario and Wisconsin
  • Catharine Douglass and Henry Harrison of Ontario, Canada

See Biographical Sketches for Selected Individuals for biographical sketches of

  • Adams, Frank R.
  • Bellinger, Frank E.
  • Courtney, George Washington
  • Cramer, Douglass
  • Douglas, F. Gerald
  • Douglass, Alexander, b. 1722
  • Douglass, Alexander, b. 1834
  • Douglass, Alexander Frederick
  • Douglass, Eleanor
  • Douglass, J. Hubert
  • Douglass, John P.
  • Douglass, Robert, M.D.
  • Harrison, Thomas Douglass
  • McAfee, Henry Robert
  • McKeeby, Byron Gordon
  • Sibbald, John
  • Sugden, Charles Edward, M.D.