Hulsaver – Adams – 5 generations

Hulsaver – Adams – 5 generations

Hulsaver – Adams – Five Generations

Front: Marcia Kizzer and Kate Hulsaver Adams
Back: Reta Kizzer, Cora Phelps, Virginia Majo

Here’s a great five-generation photo from the Alexander Douglass branch of the family.

The woman in the front is Catherine Hulsaver Adams. Those of you who have read my book recognize the name; she was born and lived her early life on a barge on the Erie Canal. Though she came from itinerant beginnings, she settled in northern New York and lived most of her life in the Chaumont area, the source of her Douglass ancestors.

She was a survivor. After her parents died when she was about 10, she worked for her keep in various households in Jefferson County. At age 18 she married Frank Adams and raised four daughters and three sons. After her husband died, she remarried at age 81 and out-living her second husband, William Benedict, died at age 89.

She never signed her name on any documents except as Kate, though her name has been alternately spelled Catherine and Katherine in various documents. Her Grandmother Hulsaver was Catherine, so likely that was the intention.

She is seen here with the family of her third daughter, Cora Adams Phelps.

Lineage: Kate-6, Mary Jane Hulsaver-5, Leander-4, Alexander-3, John-2, Alexander Douglass-1

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