Matilda Donald Monument

Matilda Donald Monument

This lovely four-sided monument stands in the Mt. Elgin cemetery in Oxford County, Ontario.

It reads: In memory of Matilda, wife of Andrew Donald who died Aug 15, 1883 aged 20Y’rs, 3M’s, 27D’s

Matilda was a granddaughter of Betsy Douglass Flewelling. Her parents were Agnes (Flewelling) and Alfred Courtney. Matilda died in childbirth and we think her baby died also. Shortly thereafter Andrew married Matilda’s sister, Achsah Ann.

Betsy Douglass was seventh of the nine Douglass siblings who were born in Montgomery County, NY. She and Abel Flewelling married in Halton County, Ontario and probably moved to Oxford County, Ontario, a little before Lydia and John Sibbald, about 1847.

Betsy and Abel had eleven children. All of them except Agnes Flewelling Courtney either died before Betsy died or they eventually migrated back to the United States, living in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Kansas. Agnes and Alfred stayed in Oxford County and all but one of their children stayed there too.

The Courtneys lived only a few miles south of the Mayberrys in Oxford County. They were second cousins.

Betsy Douglass Flewelling is buried in Pioneer cemetery, Tilsonburg, Ontario

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