Krohn Monument, Fairview Cemetery

Krohn Monument, Fairview Cemetery

This Krohn Monument is beautiful. The details do not come out in the picture, but their wedding date is inscribed on the ring in the center. That line under the books says Beloved Parents of Marguerite and Pauline.

I talked with both Marguerite and Pauline when I was in Concordia, Kansas, two years ago (2004). Their mother, Goldie, was Ben and Mary Jane (Sibbald) French’s granddaughter.

Also buried here are Ben’s sons and their families and many other French relatives. The first burial, it is said, was of a neighbor’s boy, whose father came to Nick French asking where he should bury his young son, there being no cemetery at that time. One of the French family donated the plot of ground which was eventually named Fairview Cemetery.

The cemetery became quite a showplace in its time with paved walks and ceremonies held there on Memorial Day. Though some of the paving is broken from heaving of the ground, one can see that it is cared for in spite of its age.

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