McKeeby, Byron Gordon

Byron G. McKeeby, born Februay 27, 1936, in Humboldt, Iowa, was the younger of two sons of Byron J. McKeeby and Miriam Douglass. From a young age he was interested in art, and pursued that interest with great intensity, attaining degrees from Coe College, Art Institute of Chicago, Tulane University, and culminating in a notable Tamarind Teacher-Student Fellowship with Garo Antresian in the summer of 1965. Shortly thereafter he joined the University of Tennessee as Professor of Printmaking. He exhibited his prints widely across the country. Known to his students as a hard taskmaster but acclaimed for his talent, he produced a prodigious amount of work. Expecting his life to be shortened by early-onset acute diabetes, he trimmed his activities to those things important to him: his art, his family and his students. He worked in all print media but was particularly attracted to stone lithography, almost a lost art, and he did much to revive it during his lifetime. He died suddenly in November 1984 in Knoxville, at the age of 48. He left a wife and two sons.

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  1. Byron McKeeby was a task master and great teacher. I was his student for multiple quarters in the old print building in the mid 70’s with he and his opposite but also good teacher Bill Loy. I cherish those days due to his encouragement, toughness, and dry, midwestern humor. He was appalled and became enlighted when I used a small amount of ignited gasolene to etch my grease for effect on my stone. It turned out great!
    Thank you for your article.
    Chris Tidwell BFA 1975

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