Betsy Douglass and Abel Flewelling of Ontario, Canada

The genealogy chart on this page has descendants of Alexander Douglass who came from Scotland. The number in front of the name indicates the number of the generation in America; the Alexander who emigrated is generation number 1. Elizabeth “Betsy” Douglass was his granddaughter. Search for a name on this page by using Control + F. Highlighted text indicates the most recent update.

3   Elizabeth "Betsy" Douglass b. 1806 Montgomery Co, New York,
                               d. 1868 Buried Tilsonburg, Ontario,
  + Abel B. Flewelling b. 1799 St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
                       m. ca 1826
                       d. After 1861 Oxford Co, Ontario
    4   (Elizabeth) Caroline Flewelling b. 1827 Ontario
                                        d. 1905 Cloud County, Kansas, USA                                           
      + David Solomon French b. 1801 Vermont, USA
                             m. 1848 W. Oxford, Ontario
                             d. 1877 Oxford Co, Ontario
        5   Lucy A. French b. 1848 W. Oxford, Ontario
          + Walter Burtch b. ca 1851 Oxford Co, Ontario
                          m. 1871
        5   Melissa French b. 1854 Ontario
        5   Gideon French b. 1856 W. Oxford, Ontario
                          d. Aft. 1885
          + Altha J. Leech/Leitch b. 1856 Georgetown, Halton Co,
                                  m. 1877 Woodstock, Oxford Co, Ont.
                                  d. 1918 North Allis, MI
            6   George Andrew French b. 1878 Ingersoll, Oxford Co, Ontario
                                     d. 1944 Louisville, KY
              + Barbara McMahon b. ca 1877 Thamesville, Ontario
                                m. 1902 Walkerville, Essex Co, Ontario
              2nd wife of George Andrew French
              + Martha A. Augustus b. 1880 Jefferson Co, KY
                                   m. 1909 Jeffersonville, Indiana
                                   d. 1962 Jefferson Co, KY
            6   Nellie French b. ca 1882 Blenheim, Kent Co, Ontario
                              d. Abt. 1940
              + Frederick Sidle b. 1875 Walkerton, Ontario
                                m. 1899 Blenheim, Ont.
                                d. 1934 Presque Isle, MI
        5   Jeanett Ardelia French b. 1859 W. Oxford, Ontario
                                   d. 1887 Woodstock, Oxford Co,
          + Thomas Ranger b. ca 1841 Quebec City, Canada
                          m. 1878 Woodstock, Oxford Co, Ontario
            6   Frederick Charles Ranger b.1878 Oxford Co, ON
                                         d. Before 1881
            6   James Arthur Ranger b. April 1880
                                    d. Sept. 1880 East Oxford, Ontario
            6   Teenie Lula Belle Ranger b. 1883 Oxford Co, ON
                                         d. 1887 Woodstock, Oxford Co, Ontario
        5   Ada B. French b. 1863 W. Oxford, Ontario
                          d. After 1920
          + Charles Hiram Gott b. 1860 Ontario
                               m. 1882 Tilsonburg, Ontario
                               d. 1934 Ingersoll, Ontario
            6   Charles Arthur Gott b. 1884 W. Oxford, Ontario
                                    d. 1902 Middleston, Norfolk Co,
        5   Minerva Sophia French b. 1867 W. Oxford, Ontario
                                  d. 1950 Jamestown, Kansas, USA
          + William Lee Taylor b. 1850 Woodstock, Oxford Co, ON
                               m. 1883 Ingersoll, Oxford Co, ON
                               d. 1903 Jamestown, Kansas
            6   Earl W. Taylor d. 1907 Cloud County, Kansas
            6   Charlotte Elizabeth Taylor b. 1887 Ontario, Canada
                                           d. 1983 Rexford, Thomas Co, Kansas
               + James J. Peterson b. 1875 Kansas
                                  m. 1904 Grant twp, Cloud Co, KS
                                  d. 1910 Cloud Co, Kansas
              2nd husband of Charlotte Taylor
              + Will Curtis Frisbey b. 1888 Dresden, Kansas
                                    m. 1911
                                    d. 1959 Concordia, Cloud Co, KS
            6   Ernest D. "Ernie" Taylor b. 1889 Oxford Co, Ontario
                                         d. 1983 Jamestown, Kansas
              + Grace Bell Beasley b. 1893 Cloud Co, Kansas
                                   m. 1912 Concordia, KS
                                   d. 1971 Jamestown, Kansas
            6   Alfred Taylor b. 1891 Oxford Co, Ontario
                              d. 1972 Wichita, Kansas
              + Marie Davis b. 1922 Jamestown, Kansas
                            m. 1953 Harrison, Arkansas
                            d. 1980 Wichita, Kansas
          2nd husband of Minerva French
          + Ray C. Chase b. 1872 Jamestown, Kansas
                         m. 1905 Concordia, KS
                         d. 1955 Cloud Co, Kansas
            6   John H. Chase b. 1907 Norway, Republic Co, KS
                              d. 1934 Norway, Kansas
            6   Ida Maye Chase b. 1910 Kansas
                               d. 1911 Kansas
        5   Fernetta "Nettie" French b. 1870 W. Oxford, Ontario
                                     d. After 1881
    4   Margaretta Flewelling b. 1829 Ontario, Canada
                              d. 1916 Deckerville, Sanilac Co, Michigan
      + James Eshelby b. ca 1823 Quebec, Canada
                      m. 1852 Oxford Co, Ontario
                      d. 1895 Ingersoll, Ontario
        5   Nancy Eshelby b. 1856 Ontario
                          d. 1873 W. Oxford, Oxford Co, Ontario
        5   Abel Eshelby b. 1858 Ontario
                         d. After 1943
          + Sylvia Trimble b. 1859 Ontario, Canada
                           m. 1883 Dereham, Oxford Co, Ontario
        5   Catherine Eshelby b. 1860 Folden's Crnrs, W. Oxford,
                              d. 1944 Port Huron, Michigan
          + Alfred Scrivener b. 1862 Essex, England
                             m. 1890 Salford, Oxford Co, Ontario
                             d. 1920 Michigan
            6   Lela Bell Scrivener b. 1891 Michigan
                                    d. 1974 Lake Bluff, Illinois
              + Harvey R. Decker b. 1894 Michigan
                                 m. 1917
                                 d. 1971 Florida
        5   John Eshelby b. 1868 Ontario
                         d. 1870 Ontario
        5   Matilda Martha Eshelby b. 1870 Oxford Co, ON, Canada
                                   d. 1872 West Oxford Co, Ontario
        5   Charles M. Eshelby b. 1874 Ontario, Canada
                               d. 1929 Port Huron, Michigan
          + Lillie Day b. ca 1867 Canada
                       m. 1896 Ingersoll, Oxford Co, Ontario
                       d. 1903 Port Huron, Michigan
          2nd wife of Charles Eshelby
          + Edith Maude Hutton Hall b. 1879 Saginaw, Michigan
                                    m. 1911 Port Huron, MI
                                    d. 1950 Pontiac, MI
            6   Edith L. Eshelby b. 1909 Michigan
                                 d. 1913 Port Huron, St. Clair Co, MI
            6   Eleanor M. Eshelby b. 1913 Port Huron, St. Clair Co, MI
                                   d. 1988 Port Huron, St. Clair Co, MI
              + Theron R. Treend b. 1907 Michigan
                                 m. 1929 Port Huron, MI
                                 d. 1998 Port Huron, St. Clair Co, MI
            6   Jeanette C. Eshelby b. 1915 Port Huran, MI
                                    d. 2009 Michigan
              + Victor S. Martin b. PA
                                 d. 1986 Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD
            6   Kenneth G. Eshelby b. 1917 Port Huron, St. Clair Co, MI
                                   d. 1971 Port Huron, MI
            6   Elden Eshelby b. 1920 Port Huron, St. Clair Co, MI
                              d. 2013 Michigan
              + Lillian Mae Eago b. 1924 Detroit, MI.
                                 m. 1944 Detroit, MI
                                 d. 1995 Shelby, Macomb Co, Michigan
            6   Elmer Eshelby b. 1920 Port Huron, St. Clair Co, MI
                              d. 1920 Port Huron, St. Clair Co, MI
            6   Mylow Eshelby b. 1924 Port Huron, St. Clair Co, MI 
                              d. 1991 Cumberland Co, PA
              + Elizabeth Emily Smallzel b. 1924 Camden, NJ
                                         m. 1911 Port Huron, MI
                                         d. 2006 Cumberland Co, PA
            6   Hilton J. Eshelby b. 1927 MI
                                  d. 1927 MI
    4   (Agnes) Nancy Flewelling b. 1832 Ontario
                                 d. 1923 Culloden, Dereham Twp,
                                      Oxford Co, Ontario
      + Alfred Courtney b. 1825 Dereham Twp, Oxford Co, ON
                        m. 1851 Mt. Elgin
                        d. 1886 Dereham Twp, Ontario
        5   William Ai Courtney b. 1854 Ontario
                                d. 1935 Dereham twp, Oxford Co, ON
          + Fidella Luno b. 1862 Dereham twp, Oxford Co, ON
                         m. 1882
                         d. 1937 Dereham twp, Oxford Co, ON
            6   Harold Raymond Courtney b. 1905 Bayham, Elgin Co, ON
                                        d. 1987
              + Annie Leadson b. 1909
                              d. 1990
        5   George Washington Courtney b. 1860 Tilsonburg, Ontario
                                       d. 1930 Milton Twp, Rock Co, Wisconsin
          + Frances Adell "Della" Parker b. 1866 Wisconsin Rapids, WI
                                         m. 1883 Wisconsin Rapids
                                         d. 1949 Milton Junction, WI
            6   Letty Belle Courtney b. 1884 Monroe, Green Co, Wisconsin
                                     d. 1960 Milton Junction, WI
              + Arthur G. Holmes b. 1884 Monroe, Wisconsin
                                 m. 1906 Wisconsin Rapids
                                 d. 1979 Milton, Rock Co, WI
            6   Alfred George Courtney b. 1887 Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
                                       d. 1973 Janesville, Rock Co, WI
              + Clara Viola Fulton b. 1891 Elmhurst, DuPage Co, Illinois
                                   m. 1910
                                   d. 1953 Milton Junction, Rock Co, WI
              2nd wife of Alfred Courtney
              + Bertha May McDowell Spoden b. 1900 NY City
                                           m. 1960
                                           d. 1982 Milton, Rock Co, WI
            6   Charles F. Courtney b. 1898 Wisconsin Rapids, WI
                                    d. 1988 Janesville, Rock Co, WI
              + (Relda) Louise Burdick b. 1899 Leonardsville, NY
                                       m. 1919 Milton, WI
                                       d. 1980 Milton, WI
        5   Mary Edith Courtney b. 1861 Ostrander, Oxford Co, ON Canada
                                d. 1941 Culloden, Oxford Co, Ontario
          + George Hymers Miners b. 1857 Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada
                                 m. 1884 Dereham Center, Oxford Co, ON
                                 d. 1932 Culloden, Oxford Co, Ontario
            6   Viola Louisa Miners b. 1885 Culloden, Oxford Co, ON, Canada
                                    d. 1976 Ontario, Canada
              + Melvin Hughes Hollingshead b. 1885 Dereham, Oxford Co, ON
                                           m. 1913 Culloden, Dereham twp, ON
                                           d. 1956 Ontario, Canada
            6   Chester Roy Miners b. 1887 Ontario
                                   d. 1970 Buried New Delmer cem,
                                        Oxford Co, Ontario
              + Leona Charldeen Furtney b. 1896 Ontario, Canada
                                        m. 1919 Brownsville, ON, Canada
                                        d. 1974 Ontario, Canada
            6   Robert Bruce Miners b. 1889 Culloden, Dereham, Ontario, Canada
                                    d. 1964 London, Ontario, Canada
              + Elsie Ethelwin Down b. 1893 Parkhill, Ontario
                           m. 1923 London, Ontario
                           d. 1980
            6   Charles Milton Miners b. 1891 Ontario
                                      d. 1931 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
              + Adaine Honsberger b. 1897 Dereham Twp, Oxford Co, ON, Canada
                                  m. 1914 Avondale, Ontario
                                  d. 1952
            6   Mary Agnes Miners b. 1893 Culloden, Ontario, Canada
                                  d. 1975
              + William Norman Moyer b. 1896 Springfield, ON, Canada
                                     m. 1925 Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada
                                     d. 1963 Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada
            6   Jacchaus "Case" Miners b. 1897 Culloden, Oxford Co, Ontario
                                       d. 1979 St. Clair Shores, Macomb Co, Mi
              + Vera Matthews b. 1900 Vittoria, Norfolk Co, ON
                              m. 1920 Culloden, Osford Co, Ontario
                              d. 1936 Detroit, Michigan
              2nd wife of Jacchaus "Case" Miners
              + Elsa Krentz b. 1910 Bay City, MI
                            m. After 1936
                            d. 1999 Gresham, Multnomah Co, Oregon
            6   Elsie Velma Miners b. 1905 Osford Co, Ontario, Canada
                                   d. 1973 Ontario, Canada
              + Clarence James Ingham b. 1900 Ontario, Canada
                                      m. 1928 Oxford Co, Ontario, Canada
                                      d. 1964 Ontario, Canada
        5   Matilda Courtney b. 1863 Oxford Co, ON, Canada
                             d. 1883 Oxford Co, ON, Canada
          + Andrew Donald b. 1863 Ontario, Canada
                          m. 1882 Dereham, Oxford Co, Ontario
                          d. 1948
        5   Achsah Ann Courtney b. 1867 Ontario, Canada
                                d. 1929 Culloden, Oxford Co, Ontario
          + Andrew Donald b. 1863 Ontario, Canada
                          m. 1884 Dereham Center, Oxford Co
                          d. 1948

            6   Myrtle Matilda Donald b. 1886 Dereham, Oxford Co, ON
                                      d. 1971
              + John Franklin Boyce b. 1883
                                    m. 1906 Tillsonburg, Oxford Co, Ontario
                                    d. 1934
            6   William Ai Donald b. 1888 Ontario, Canada
                                  d. 1970
              + Ruth McLeod b. ca 1900
                            m. 1929 Thamesford, Oxford Co, ON
                            d. 1996
            6   Ira Ethelbert Donald b. 1890 Ostrander, Oxford Co, ON
                                     d. 1995 Belmont, Elgin Co, Ontario
              + Hazel Miller b. 1887 Malahide, Elgin Co, ON
                             m. 1914 Malahide
                             d. 1966 Belmont, Elgin Co, ON
            6   John W. Donald b. 1895 Ontario, Canada
            6   Achsah Fidella Margaret Donald b. 1901 Bayham, Elgin Co, ON
                                               d. 1915 Dereham, Oxford Co, ON
        5   Ida Stella Courtney b. 1871 Dereham Twp, Oxford Co, ON
                                d. After 1930
          + Henry George Green b. 1867 London, England
                               m. 1890 Tilsonburg, ON
                               d. 1900 Bayham, Elgin Co, ON
            6   Muriel Elizabeth Green b. 1893 W. Ostrander, Ontario
                                       d. 1985 No. Vancouver, BC, Canada
              + Norman Hugh Minshall b. 1892 Salford, Oxford Co, Ontario
                                     m. 1916 Tillsonburg, Ontario
                                     d. 1960 Vancouver, BC, Canada
            6   George Alfred Green b. 1899 Oxford County, Ontario
                                    d. 1991 Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada
              + Beatrice Bernice Compeau b. 1901 Rosanna, Elgin Co, Ontario
                                         m. 1925 Corinth, Elgin Co, Ontario
                                         d. 1987 Corinth, Elgin Co, Ontario
          2nd husbnd of Ida Courtney
          + Walter James Green b. 1869
                               m. 1911
    4   William Henry Flewelling b. 1833 Ontario, Canada
                                 d. 1909 Wisconsin Rapids, WI
      + Marie Carey b. 1842 Three Rivers, Massachusetts
                    m. 1861 Portage Co, WI
                    d. 1909 Wisconsin Rapids, WI
    4   Emeline Patience Flewelling b. ca 1835 Brantford, Ontario, Canada
                                    d. 1878 Mitchell, Perth Co, Ontario 
      + Richard Eshelby b. 1829 Quebec, Canada
                        m. Before 1860
                        d. 1910 Mitchell, Perth Co, Ontario
        5   Mary Elizabeth Eshelby b. 1860 Centerville, Oxford Co, ON
                                   d. 1872 Buried Mitchell, Perth Co, 
        5   George Eshelby b. ca 1862 Canada
                           d. After 1930
          + Elizabeth Schleus b. 1867 New York State
                              m. ca 1892
                              d. 1919 Buffalo, NY
        5   Eliza Arminda Eshelby b. ca 1866 Ontario, Canada
                                  d. Bet. 1890-1892
          + William Henry Blowes b. ca 1862 Stokes Newington, England
                                 m. 1885 Mitchell, Perth Co, ON
            6   William Henry Blowes b. 1885 Mitchell, Perth Co, ON, Canada
            6   Albert John Blowes b. 1888
            6   Fedora Patience Blowes b. 1890 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
        5   William Henry Eshelby b. 1868 Mitchell, Perth Co, ON
                                  d. 1956 Huntington Park, Los Angeles Co, CA
          + Eva Rodgers b. 1878 Fullarton, Perth Co, ON
                        m. 1897 Mitchell, Perth Co, Ontario
            6   Alfred Carl Eshelby b. 1897 Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
                                    d. 1969 Huntington Beach, Los Angeles Co, CA
              + Lois H. Ray b. 1898 Georgia           
            6   Etta L. Eshelby b. 1899 Buffalo, Erie Co, NY
                                d. 1975 Buffalo, NY
              + J.William Palmberg b. 1900 Sweden
                                   m. 1923 Buffalo, NY
                                   d. 1973 Buffalo, NY
        5   John Wesley Eshelby b. 1871 Perth Co, Ontario
                                d. 1937 Seattle, WA
    4   Catherine Flewelling b. 1838 Ontario, Canada
                             d. Bet. 1910-1917
      + David Fuller b. 1841 Canada
                     m. 1863 Woodstock, Oxford Co, ON
                     d. ca 1917
    4   Martha Flewelling b. 1839 Brantford, Ontario, Canada
                          d. After 1911
      + Archibald McGougan b. 1856 Ontario, Canada
                           m. 1891 Ingersoll, Oxford Co, Ontario
    4   Robert W. Flewelling b. 1840 Ontario, Canada
                             d. 1929 Ramsey Co, MN
      + Cornelia Smith b. 1840 Canada
                       m. 1864 Ingersoll, ON
                       d. 1927 St. Paul, Ramsey Co, MN
        5   Verlina Olive Flewelling b. ca 1862 Canada,
                                     d. 1942 St. Paul, MN
          + (--?--) Andrews
        5   Ernest Flewelling b. 1868 MI
    4   (Eliza) Jane Flewelling b. 1843 Nelson, Halton Co, Ontario
                                d. 1875 Bayham, Elgin Co, Ontario
      + John Stringer b. 1847 Bayham, Elgin Co, ON
                      m. 1866 Bayham
                      d. After 1914
        5   Lydia Stringer b. 1868 Michigan
                           d. 1877 Bayham, Elgin Co, Ontario
        5   Robert Henry Stringer b. 1871 Bayham, Elgin Co, Ontario
        5   David Stringer b. 1873 Bayham, Elgin Co, Ontario
                           d. 1875 Bayham, Elgin Co, Ontario
    4   Lydia Flewelling b. 1846 Ontario, Canada
      + Edward Stringer b. 1840 Bayham, Elgin Co, ON
                        m. 1866 Bayham, Elgin Co, ON
    4   John Flewelling b. 1852 Ontario, Canada
                        d. 1935 Sandpoint, Idaho
      + Nina M.L. Gilbert b. 1860 Gladwin, MI
                          m. 1881 Pine Run, Genesee Co, MI
                          d. 1939 Butte, Montana
        5   Vera Alice Flewelling b. 1883 Pine Run, Genesee Co, MI
                                  d. 1938 Sand Point, Idaho
          + William Othello Blackman b. 1870 Iowa
                                     m. 1903 Lakeview, Idaho
                                     d. 1932 Butte, Montana
            6   William Edward Blackman b. 1903 Spokane, Washington
                                        d. 1987 Butte, Montana
              + Lillian E. Kincaid b. 1898 Ruby, Montana
                                   m. 1925
                                   d. 1937 Butte, Montana
              2nd wife of William E. Blackman
              + Laura Ann Self b. 1908 Ohio
                               m. 1939
                               d. 1952 Butte, Montana
              3rd wife of William E. Blackman
              + Ruby Jo Langston McClammy b. 1904 Fremont Co, Iowa
                                          m. 1952
                                          d. 1997 Stevensville, Montana
            6   Elizabeth E. Blackman b. 1906 Bonner County, Idaho
                                      d. 1989 Fresno, CA
               + Bert Alvin Gemmell b. 1902 Montana
                                    m. 1925
                                    d. 1941 Kern Co, CA
               2nd husband of Elizabeth Blackman
               + Lynn Alexander b. 1913 Oklahoma
                                m. 1974 CA
                                d. 1967 Placer County, CA
            6   John Howard Blackman b. 1912 Sand Point, Idaho
                                     d. 1958 Santa Barbara, California
              + Irene Ellen Lester b. 1915 Grand Saline, TX
                                   d. 2000 

Compiled by E. L. Ingalls
Last revision Mar 21, 2016

2 thoughts on “Betsy Douglass and Abel Flewelling of Ontario, Canada

  1. Hello Ethel:
    It was a delight to discover this website. The Flewelling sites are very confused and incorrect. I am the volunteer historian for Tillsonburg On, where Betsy Douglass is buried. I am on a committee to try and restore the graveyard and to assist in raising funds I and antoher voluntter are researching the 167 families buried here. The public will be invited to Sponsor A Stone and we will provide the information on the marker they choose.
    I would like permission to use your genealogy and would also like to know if you have any photos or family stories that might be relevent. The main focus will be on Elizabeth and Abel, I release they won’t have photos but hoping for some stories or information other than b, d, m.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Laurel A. Beechey
    Tillsonburg Ontario.

  2. Abel B. Flewelling was probably not born exactly in ‘St. John’ (Saint John), New Brunswick, but fairly close. His parents may have been living on the Kingston Peninsula in Kings Co., NB when he was born or failing that, across the River Saint John in Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings Co., NB. His parents were John and Mary Flewelling who, about 1809, left NB probably first for Grimsby Twp., Lincoln Co., Canada West (where John petitioned for land in 1811, and where they left a son, Joseph) and then to Nelson Twp., Halton Co., Canada West by 1819. Mary’s maiden name is surmised to be Watt or Watts, and it is possible, but I have seen nothing to confirm this.

    John Flewelling was a son of Loyalists Thomas and Elizabeth (Griffin) Flewelling who arrived in September 1783 on the ship, ‘Cyrus’, and immediately headed to Oak Point where Thomas had purchased land while still in New York. They were from North Castle, Westchester Co., NY.

    For a variety of reasons, Thomas appears to have been a son of John and Elizabeth (“Blue” Smith) Flewwelling of Newburgh, Ulster (now Orange) Co., NY. It is from Elizabeth’s father, Abel “Blue” Smith, that Abel ultimately acquires his forename, although his father, John, also had an uncle, Abel Flewwelling. In any case, Thomas Flewelling was a grandson of Thomas and Hannah (Smith) Flewelling of Hempstead, Long Island, NY. This Thomas was, in turn, the son of Thomas and Hannah (Ashman) Flewelling.

    This last Thomas appears suddenly on Long Island and near the present Philadelphia (in company with his father-in-law, Robert Ashman) in the 1660s and as quickly disappears. It seems that the younger Thomas was left an orphan in his grandfather’s (Robert Ashman’s) care. There is more, but much of it is theory.


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