Grafton Monument, Grove Cemetery, Dundas Ontario

Grafton Monument, Grove Cemetery, Dundas Ontario

Grafton Monument

It’s a little hard to read but you can make it out if I give you some cues.

Charles S. Grafton M.D.
second son of
James B. & Charlotte
died March 7th 1893
in the 32nd Year of his age
Jean Douglass
wife of
Charles Stewart Grafton
born March 21, 1859
died April 24, 1939
Stewart Douglas
infant son of
Charles S. & Jean Grafton
died Aug. 17th 1890
aged 8 months

The Graftons have several large monuments in Grove cemetery in Dundas. This monument has inscriptions for Sydney Grafton’s father, mother and baby brother. (Sydney Grafton was a partner in the Oswald Brothers brokerage firm in Montreal that I wrote about in the Sept 2006 Digest)

Jean Douglass was the eldest daughter of Dr. Robert Douglass so it is not surprising that she married Charles Grafton, a doctor. Their first son died in infancy and Dr. Grafton, himself, succumbed to consumption, that scourge of the nineteenth century that even wealth and education could not thwart.

Jean’s unmarried sisters lived with her and Sydney for many years. Their Grandfather Sproat’s will had provided a trust fund for the sisters as their mother, his daughter, Eleanor, had predeceased him. The trust fund allowed them to live comfortably without the need to work.

The youngest of Jean’s sisters, Helen, married Malcolm Oswald.

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